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SEDUCING A GEMINI The Dark & the Light

By Stella Woods, 01-12-2009

Fallen in love with a twin? Try wooing them with a silver tongue....


The Gemini female's brain moves at the speed of light so don't bog her down with intensity and long drawn out discussion. Keep it light. She loves to laugh and have fun so invite her out to a comedy show or entertain her with your own wit! A trip to her favourite bookstore could do the trick. Computers may seem an unlikely seduction tool, but Geminis love emails and texting. Show her your state of the art mobile phone and woo her with steamy SMS messages. If this fails, try flirting. Geminis love witty conversation and charm. Don’t expect to do all the talking though - she'll give you a run for your money.


Gemini is the sign of the twins so you may feel you're chasing more than one man! No need to panic - you simply need a two prong plan. When you invite him out, offer him a choice of activities thus cleverly displaying your understanding of his need for variety. Or how about two activities on the same evening? Then try talk, talk and more talk. The art of conversation will take you far with this man, so make sure you have a variety of interesting opening lines to win his heart. Take him out for coffee and cake in a café with lots of newspapers and magazines. He'll be in his element which should set the scene for romance!

All About Gemini

From the 21st May to the 21st June the Sun travels through mutable air sign Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac with keywords “I think” and “I communicate”. Gemini’s symbol is the twins, one mortal, one immortal, the dark side and the light side. Geminis are extremely curious and like to accumulate information and process data. They think at lightening speed, are versatile and adaptable and love gadgets, mobile

phones, books and surfing the net. Easily bored, Geminis need lots of intellectual stimulation and often have a youthful appearance. Negatively, the Gemini individual can be fickle and nervous with scattered energy and a tendency to gossip or make cutting remarks. Some are over-reliant on logic and dismiss emotions as irrational or unimportant. When Geminis are out of balance they suffer from nervous tension or problems in the lungs, arms, shoulders and hands. Gemini’s greatest challenge is to learn constancy and mental discipline and to accept the importance of emotions in both themselves and others.

How to handle a Gemini

Easy! Just start them talking and they’ll turn to putty in your hands. Although these whiz kids are super smart and can outwit just about anyone, their weakness lies in their thirst for information and they just love the sound of their own voice! Ask for advice, information or instructions and you won’t be able to shut them up. It’s like having your own personal internet download. Once you’ve got them talking, just steer the conversation round to a topic of your choice!