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All About Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports


Sometimes you don't have time to go for a reading, you're on a budget or maybe you just want a taste of what astrology has to offer?

While there's really nothing like a personal one-on-one reading, these illustrated Solar Writer reports are fun, quick and very reasonably priced.  All you need is your time, date and place of birth.

They make great presents for friends and family and if you're ordering one for yourself, you'll uncover all sorts of interesting information! 

I've provided sample reports of celebrity birth charts to give you an idea of what to expect.

Reports are individually prepared and sent by email. Choose from  ELEVEN exciting options - SAMPLE reports available below.


1Personal Birth Chart – Your Path To Self Awareness  (Martin Luther King)

2)  Twelve Month Forecast - Navigating The Year Ahead (Taylor Swift)

3)  Solar Return - Annual Birthday Reading (Elon Musk)

4)  Zodiac Child – Understanding The Child in Your Life (for children under 7)  (Prince George).

5)  Zodiac Adolescent - Guidance for Teenagers (Greta Thunberg)

6)  Couple Relationship Profile -  How Compatible Are You?  (Meghan Markle & Prince Harry)

7)  Kindred Spirits - Your Karmic Relationship Patterns (ideal for those searching for the perfect partner or better family relationships) (Usain Bolt)

8)  Zodiac Money - Your Pathway to Wealth (Warren Buffett)

9)  Career & Vocation - Are You On The Right Track? (Serena Williams)

10) Health & Wellbeing - Boost Your Self Esteem & Vitality (Rafael Nadal)

11)  Inner Goddess – Discover Your Inner Mystery & Hidden Potential  (Rihanna)


$48 per Solar Writer Report (sent by email)

Order any three Solar Writer Reports and receive a fourth one FREE!
Any four reports for $144 - save $48