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All About Astrology Readings

Personal birth chart

"I have visited Stella for a reading every year since 1997. Over this period she has provided me with no nonsense and grounded guidance around important decisions regarding my business, moving house and relationships. Her accuracy is astounding. Her compassion is limitless. Her honesty is refreshing. Her wisdom is immense. The service that she provides is important, insightful and very reassuring. Knowing the bigger picture allows me to accept what is, and regain my sense of humour when what is, isn’t what I think I want!" 

Hailey  - Business Consultant 

"I was a complete sceptic when it comes to astrology, however I've listened to enough of your work to think I've really been missing out on something!”

Andrew – 3RRR Radio Listener


  • Provides the same benefits as life coaching at a fraction of the cost?
  • Can help you find love or improve your current relationship?
  • Encourages you to make the most of your natural talents and abilities?
  • Pinpoints blockages and problems in your life?
  • Is the forerunner of modern day psychology?
  • Helps you explore your purpose, vocation and karmic path?
  • Identifies your family and relationship patterns and ideal partner?
  • Can help you decide when to leave a job or start a business?
  • Is an excellent tool for counsellors and healers?
  • Clarifies how current life events fit into a wider framework?
  • Reveals unconscious patterns that could be holding you back?
  • Gives you a leading edge by offering an alternative viewpoint?
  • Was used by Pythagoras, Galileo, Carl Jung, Christopher Wren and Isaac Newton, not to mention the Three Wise Men!


Astrology or ‘Star Logic’ is an ancient, complex and valuable tool that helps you understand your life journey and make the most of your gifts and talents.   All you need to tap into the amazing power of astrology are three simple pieces of information…..

  1. Your date of birth
  2. Your time of birth
  3. Your place of birth

And even if you’re not sure exactly what time you were born, astrology still has lots to offer!

If you’ve never consulted an astrologer before, a Personal Birth Chart reading is the best place to begin, while a  Twelve Month Forecast is perfect for those with a good understanding of their birth chart or who have already had a Personal Birth Chart Reading.  If you're busy or short of cash, try a Half Hour Astrology Reading from the comfort of home, office or back garden!

A popular option for couples and business partners is the Compatibility Reading, while parents can give themselves a head start by booking a Zodiac Child reading for their new baby or child.

Stella offers an Astrology/Tarot Combo Deluxe reading for those wanting to splash out or have the best of both worlds, while those on a budget or in a hurry can order their own personalised Illustrated Astrology Report by email.

If you're choosing a date for a special event  an Electional Astrology session could be just what you need to plan your business or product launch, holiday or wedding.

And finally if you're thinking of moving overseas or interstate, an Astrocartography reading (Relocation Astrology) could help point you in the right direction.  

Many people are a bit apprehensive about booking an astrology reading. There is really nothing to worry about, but don’t be afraid to ask questions or discuss your concerns. Stella has years of experience dealing with all sorts of people and will do her best to make you feel comfortable.

Choose your selection from the list below, then contact Stella at or visit Stella's Shopping Cart


Every reading includes your own personalised astrology report and video recording of your session.   Readings are conducted via Zoom video link. Payment can be made by bank transfer, Visacard, Mastercard (credit/debit card), PayPal or ONLINE via Stella's Shopping Cart.


Personal birth chart


Recommended for those who have never had an astrology reading before. Gain insight and self-awareness and learn about your life journey, relationship patterns, family dynamics, natural career choices and emotional and mental make up.

75 min online video reading via Zoom with video recording and illustrated 25 page personal profile - $250  BOOK NOW

"Hi Stella,
My name's Lisa, I had an appointment with you on Tuesday this week and you explained my natal chart to me in detail. I just thought you might like to know what an impact that reading has had on my life. You talked about me denying my Cancerian Moon (the emotional, nurturing, homely, maternal side) in favour of my rising sign Capricorn (the logical, hardworking executive) and we further talked about how this was playing out in my life. I have taken this on board and it explains so much of why I have been feeling anxious and troubled for a long time."



Recommended for those who have some knowledge of their birth chart or who have already had a personal birth chart reading. Stella will discuss major trends over the coming year, offering advice and guidance. If you plan to travel, move house, change career or start a business, astrology can pinpoint the best time to act or advise you to wait patiently. As forecasts are based on planetary cycles, this type of reading can also provide insight on why you are going through a difficult or productive period and help you take advantage of the energy of the time.

75 min online video reading via Zoom with video recording and special 15-page personal forecast - $250  BOOK NOW

"Dear Stella
You told my sister some 8 years ago that she would do well in interior design. She went to Spain to sell property and has bought 3 apartments for herself. Now she is interior styling these apartments and she’s the local TV’s CASA DOCTOR (I don’t need to translate that for YOU!). Seems as though your prediction, as always, was spot on!!  Best wishes, Hailey"



Short of cash?  In a hurry?  Or simply want to sort out a few important issues?

You can now book a half hour online astrology reading with Stella and listen to her advice from the comfort of your own home or  office.  All readings are recorded in mp4 format so you can review the information at leisure.
Recommended for those who are short of time, but want some quick and timely advice. 

30 min online video reading via Zoom with video recording - $125  BOOK NOW

"I had my stars read by you last year around Feb and was uncertain about what my future held for me. It was so good to see you and you helped me to clarify a dream that I had to go travelling. Looking back it all seems so clear now but at the time I was so unsure and hesitant. I wanted to thank you and let you know that since leaving in May I've had the best time of my life! Best wishes, Marty"



Recommended for those wanting to explore the nature, purpose and dynamics of their relationship with a significant other. Ideal for lovers, married couples, business partners and family members. Stella will examine the chart of each person separately then cast a chart for the relationship, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. One of the most interesting and exciting areas of astrology!

1.5 hour online video reading via Zoom with video recording & 20-page compatibility profile - $295  BOOK NOW

"Hi Stella Thanks for an interesting and helpful outsider perspective on our business partnership. Really enjoyed your approach. Cheers, Sue and Jen"



Recommended for parents of babies and children up to 7 years old. A birth chart is a wonderful tool for parents and mentors who want to really understand their child and create the best environment for their youngster to flourish.

1 hour online video reading via Zoom with video recording and full colour 18-page child profile - $195  BOOK NOW

"Dear Stella,
Your clear and balanced readings have helped me to realize that as a mother I can balance responsibility for my children’s welfare with the knowledge that they themselves are also responsible for the choices, behaviors and pathway of their lives. To be honest I feel relieved, the burden of not being good enough, with the associated feelings of guilt, self blame, and confusion have eased away….Thank you so much Stella you’re a ‘master’ astrologer. I only hope that all parents will take the opportunity to have a reading with you and benefit from your wisdom, love and uplifting perspective. Love Fiona"



Rather than opting for a personal reading, you can order a high quality astrological report from the award-winning Solar Writer range to be sent by email. These illustrated reports make wonderful gifts. Choose between Personal Birth Chart, Twelve Month Forecast, Romantic Compatibility, Health & Wellbeing, Discover Your Inner Goddess, Career & Vocation, Kindred Spirits or Zodiac Child.  Examples of all these reports can be viewed HERE or ORDER NOW

Email Report - $48  

"Dear Stella,

Many thanks for Jack’s report. It is so spot on - amazing! Poppy's is also very accurate and I would love to come and see you about her chart at some time. Perhaps after Christmas. She, of course hasn't been with us for as long as Jack so some things are yet to make themselves shown to us but it is amazing to me how many things are correct!      Kind regards, Sam"


If you’re looking for something a bit different, this astrology/tarot deluxe package includes your choice of a Personal Birth Chart Reading or Twelve Month Forecast Reading, an attractive full colour 20 page spiral bound report PLUS a half hour tarot reading.

1.5 hour online video reading via Zoom with personalised report & video recording - $295  BOOK NOW



Did you know that the word 'dis-aster' means 'to go against the stars'?   Some days are simply more favourable than others, while others are to be avoided at all costs.  When choosing an important date for your holiday, wedding, business or product launch, an astrologer can help you make an informed decision, based on your circumstances, end goals, your individual birth chart and any date or time constraints (e.g. the wedding can only happen on a Saturday/the launch has to take place in September).  After discussing your requirements, Stella will spend time researching suitable dates and then present the results to you in a 30 minute online video session discussing the pros and cons of each date along with her recommendations.

Electional Astrology - 2 hours research + 30 min online video session via Zoom - $275   BOOK NOW       


Anyone who's travelled overseas will have experienced that feeling of being a different person in a  different place. Perhaps you feel alive in France and Italy, love the laid-back lifestyle of South East Asia or thrill to the pace of New York or Tokyo.  But it's not the same experience for everyone.  Astrocartography (sometimes called Relocation Astrology) is a useful tool for those planning to live, work or move permanently to a different country or city.  By placing your birth chart on a map of the world or zooming in on a particular country, an Astrocartographer can determine your likely experience in that location.  Will you really enjoy life in Toronto or Berlin?  Can you make money in London? And if you're not sure exactly where you want to go, Astrocartography can also be used to find which countries and cities favour love; which are good for earning money or giving your career a boost and where creativity might flourish.  

If you know where you'd like to go, or are tossing up between two or three locations, option a) is probably best.  If you fancy moving to a completely new location and have a specific part of your life you want to improve, (e.g. finding love, following your spiritual path or improving your financial situation), choose option b).

a) Astrocartography Single Location - 30 min research + 30 min online video session via Zoom - $150  BOOK NOW

b) Astrocartography Multiple Locations - 2 hours research + 1 hour 
online video session via Zoom to discuss which areas of the world would suit you best based on your birth chart and personal goals - $325  BOOK NOW



Stella Woods Astrologer

Stella Woods has been studying, reading and teaching astrology for over 30 years. Born in the UK, with an honours degree in French Language & Literature, Stella became interested in astrology and other esoteric studies when she moved to Australia in the mid-eighties. Since then she’s offered astrological advice to thousands of clients all over the world; taught astrology and tarot to hundreds of students; lectured at international conferences; hosted a radio talkback show on Melbourne’s 3RRR 102.7 FM; written a monthly column for Australian new age magazine, Living Now and co-produced moon calendars for the Australian, New Zealand, Italian, US and Canadian markets.

Stella is a professional member of the Tarot Guild and the APA (Association of Professional Astrologers). She also holds certificates in Medieval Astrology and Spiritual Group Facilitation and has studied Literary Symbolism, Kabbalah and Jungian Psychology. Stella has lived in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia and speaks fluent English, French and Italian. Her book The Seven Secrets of Magic & Manifestation was published in 2012.

On a personal level Stella is totally passionate about astrology, tarot and the art of manifestation. Her dream is to bring these ancient teachings back to life by sharing their power and wisdom with humanity.

In 2016, after 30 years in Melbourne, Australia, Stella relocated to Yorkshire in the UK for family reasons but continues to be available for online readings, consultations and private lessons. If you'd like to get in touch with Stella, please email



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