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Chinese New Year - The Green Sheep

The Chinese Year of the Green Sheep begins on the 19th February at the late Aquarius new moon.  What does this mean for you?Read more


Sacred Earth Energies - Rebirthing the Winged Serpent

Today the lines of the winged serpent run unmarked across the world, their paths forgotten, the spirit they bear disregarded. Yet every year more people are drawn to visit ancient sites, centres of an invisible pattern woven across the world in some distant age.Read more


Zodiac Seduction

Even if you're a complete sceptic, everyone needs a little help when it comes to love, romance and the rest!  

Find out exactly how to attract and enchant that special someone using the art of astrology...Read more


Stop Press ... No More 3RRR

I’m sad to say that after a wonderful seven-year stint, my astrology talkback segment on radio 3RRR is no longer. The program presenter of Wax Lyrical has decided to wind up my segment to focus on other issues and guests.Read more


Check the Power Moon Days column to find out when the Moon will be passing through your star sign this month.  You should feel particularly 'in tune' on these days and activities will proceed smoothly for you.

And if you know which sign the Moon was in when you were born, note the 2-3 days each month when the Moon will be in that sign. This is your 'lunar return' and the natural energies of this period will resonate with your own personal energy.  For example, if you were born with the Moon in Libra, you should experience feelings of harmony, balance and creativity when the transiting Moon is in Libra.

 Serious moon watchers might like to purchase a Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store.  These calendars list the exact time of day when the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next and help you organise your life using moon cycles and lunar planning to achieve optimum emotional and physical balance.

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Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system recently shifted into your health and wellbeing sector and will be gracing this part of your solar chart until mid-2016 providing the perfect opportunity tackle any long standing health problems. You may find that a new approach works best – do your research and trust your intuition.  Jupiter in this part of your chart can also assist with weight loss, if that is one of your goals. Although you're not the most introspective of zodiac signs, the November Saturn-Neptune square could have you pondering the meaning of life and on a more personal level, where exactly you're going in your own life.  We're all prone to dreams and fantasies - this month is a good time to decide which dreams are realistic and achievable and take steps to make them happen. Finally, relationship planets Venus and Mars both move into your house of partnership this month. Great time to get engaged, plan a marriage, take your relationship to the next level or start a new one!    



This month it is important to strike a balance between the urge to socialise, kick back with friends, please yourself and spend money vs the need to attend to the more practical and sometimes boring sides of life.  Trying making a list of all those little jobs and tasks you need to attend to and then every time you have a spare ten minutes, tackle something on that list – you’ll be amazed how much you can get done.  Money matters may also need your attention this month, particularly in the latter half of November, so set some time aside to sort out your financial affairs. On the relationship front, the November new moon in secretive, sensual Scorpio on the 12th will push you to express your feelings, especially the more challenging ones, and help you believe in the healing power of love. The focus is on improving your relationships -  acting with love, forgiveness and compassion and making more conscious choices. After all, unless you create a bond of authenticity and truth with yourself, it is impossible to have an honest relationship with another person.  



Relationship planets Venus and Mars both enter your romance, pleasure and creativity sector this month, putting fire in your loins and passion in your heart. If you’ve been waiting to make a commitment or throw your heart into a new relationship, now is the time to take action.  This is also a wonderful time to discover your inner child, conceive a child or enjoy time with children. A new moon in your health sector on the 12th November will help you focus on being the best you can be as we head towards the summer season. Hit the gym, improve your diet, get out in the fresh air and celebrate your health and beauty!  Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter continues his year-long journey through your home and family sector helping you revolutionise and stabilise the very foundations of your life. 2015-2016 is an excellent time for buying or selling real estate; renovating or decorating your home and garden; moving house, renting your first apartment or building your dream property.  Jupiter in this part of your birth chart will also push to spend quality time with close family members, especially parents.  Hopefully this will be a positive experience, though Jupiter can signify endings and new beginnings. creativity, so plan something special around that date. 


1st-3rd &

The Scorpio new moon on the 12th will help boost your charisma and creativity, so plan something special around that date!  November is generally a favourable month for all those who work or play in a creative field or who want to strengthen bonds with their children or conceive a child. As mentioned last month, Jupiter, the luckiest planet in our solar system, has recently shifted into your house of communication where he will stay until September 2016.  The possibilities are endless.  Learning a new language? Buying a new computer or smartphone? Creating your own website? Marketing, brainstorming, networking, gossiping, selling, writing, broadcasting, texting, web surfing - it doesn't matter what you do, but make sure you get out and about in your local neighbourhood and show others  what you’re capable of.   This month Venus and Mars enter your home sector putting the short term focus on domestic and family life.  Venus in this part of your solar chart is particularly helpful for decorating, renovating or making your home more beautiful and comfortable.  Or perhaps you’ll feel like inviting friends and family over to share and enjoy your home.  Mars will give you plenty of energy to tackle difficult, dangerous or unpleasant tasks round the home or indeed to tackle difficult dangerous or unpleasant family members – but let’s hope it’s the first scenario!! 
Leo 3rd-5th &
Social life looks good throughout November, Leo with both Venus and Mars inspiring you to get out and about in your local neighbourhood, socialise and network. In fact you could end up meeting a potential partner or new friend just by just being in the right place at the right time!  As mentioned last month, lucky planet Jupiter continues his one-year journey through your house of possessions and earned income helping you reap the harvest from seeds planted in the past. Over the last decade you’ve gradually built up your reputation and skill base and the harder you’ve worked, particularly over the past 18 months, the greater your rewards will be over the coming year. Pluto in your sixth house of daily assignments will give you the power and confidence to push through all obstacles on the road to success, so reach for the stars and expect results!   And after all that hard work, make sure you spend some time at home in November putting up your feet, resting and relaxing with lots of home made food and a glass of wine or beer!  The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio in your domestic and family sector will help you chill out…    


As mentioned last month you’re currently the lucky recipient of the gifts of Jupiter (known to ancient astrologers as the greater benefic) who shifted into Virgo in mid-August heralding a 12 month period of good fortune and opportunity. The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was August 2003 to September 2004, so look back 12 years to see what was happening then, and you’ll get some understanding of the type of things to expect.  Relationships are a key theme in early November with both Venus and Mars in Virgo. The focus is on healing and improving your relationships; acting with love, forgiveness and compassion and making more conscious choices.  Some Virgos will even meet the love of their life during this period.  By mid-month Venus and Mars will both have moved into your money house, meaning you could find yourself spending money in order to make money - look for bargains and keep an eye on your budget.  With serious Saturn now firmly ensconced in your domestic and family sector for the next two years, you may be thinking of renovating your property, buying a new home, saving for a deposit on a home or putting down roots in a new area.  Take your time when making decisions and take a long term approach.  The late November full moon will help you fine tune the balance between your domestic and professional life.




The next few months are crucial as you’re laying the foundations for the next 12 year Jupiter cycle which begins in September 2016 when Jupiter (known to astrologers as the greater benefic) enters Libra.  The emphasis between now and then is on contemplation about your life and what you need to be truly happy.  Take time to see which goals you have achieved or outgrown and start realigning your priorities, paring things back and making plans for the future.  If you’re feeling tired, unmotivated or depressed, understand that these feelings will pass if you start tuning in to your inner self to find out what’s really going on and what you really want/need as you move on to the next stage of life.    In mid- November relationship planets Venus and Mars both shift into Libra and will stay there for the rest of the month, making you look and feel particularly attractive and helping you create loving relationships and creative partnerships.   The November new moon in Scorpio puts the focus on finance – you could receive a new money making opportunity or some other welcome boost to your finances.



Happy birthday Scorpio – here’s wishing you a great year ahead!   The November new moon is in Scorpio on the 12th with the Sun and Moon both conjunct Mercury and trine Chiron. This new moon encourages you to express your feelings, especially the more challenging ones, and to believe in the healing power of love. November is a great time to start a new relationship or to start work on something you’re truly passionate about. Jupiter has recently shifted into your friendship and networking sector for a year-long stay, bringing the chance to make new friends, enjoy new social activities and meet people who can help you achieve your goals and broaden your horizons. Make time to get in touch with anyone whom you think could help you on your life path and risk sharing your dreams and goals with others.  Jupiter is the natural ruler of your money house, so some of these friends and contacts could also help boost your finances.   The full moon in Gemini on the 26th will make you aware of any shortcomings on the financial front, providing a good opportunity to make any necessary changes.   If you get yourself sorted out this month, the Christmas and holiday season will be much more enjoyable.



Make relaxation and rest a priority in the first part of November, Sagittarius, with the Sun moving through your twelfth house of healing and solitude, encouraging you to take life at a slower pace, spend time alone and process your emotions. Enjoy the peacefulness of nature, write any insights or feelings down in your journal and profit from this period of reflection and solitude in the lead up to your birthday. With both Mars and Venus in your career sector in early November, you should be able to strike a balance between taking the initiative and reaching out to others at work vs sitting back and waiting to see what sort of offers come your way. And with lucky Jupiter in your career sector right through to September next year, there should be plenty of offers!  Choose wisely with integrity and take a long term approach.   The latter part of November is a great time for socialising, meeting new people and enjoying quality time with those you love. You should feel charismatic and attractive, so this is also a great time to get your hair done, buy some new clothes or try out some new spring styles.  Finally the late November full moon (26th) puts the focus on relationships, so plan a weekend away or special night out with your partner.  Single Sagittarians have a good chance of meeting someone special at this time. 



As mentioned last month, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, recently shifted into fellow earth sign Virgo until September 2016 offering you special opportunities to return to study, travel overseas, explore life’s big questions and expand your horizons literally and metaphorically. Jupiter represents our yearning for meaning and our desire for expansion and growth. This is a particularly lucky placement and can even impact favourably on your health and wellbeing, giving you fresh energy, optimism and zest for life.  Relationship planets Venus and Mars will also be gracing this section of your solar chart in the first half of November, meaning you could meet a new partner while travelling overseas or studying, so keep your eyes peeled!  In the second half of November Venus and Mars move into your career sector, meaning those favourable encounters are more likely to be work-related with bosses and colleagues impressed by your competence and attitude to work. November is therefore a favourable time for all kinds of personal and business negotiations providing you genuinely understand and appreciate the other’s point of view. The full moon on the 26th November prompts you to take special care of your health, both physical and emotional. As spring moves into summer, make a commitment to look after yourself as best as you possibly can.



You can look forward to good times on the financial front in the months ahead, Aquarius, as lucky planet Jupiter continues his one-year journey through your house of investment, inheritance, borrowing and joint ventures.  Focus on paying down debt, clearing bills and sorting out your taxes and insurance, but if you need to borrow money to purchase an asset, don’t be afraid to approach your bank or lending institution.  And if you’re planning on investing in a new or existing business venture, anytime between now and September next year is a favourable time.   Venus and Mars both shift into your travel and study sector this month inviting you to broaden your horizons both literally and mentally.  Maybe it’s time to book in for a new course, join a meditation group or plan an exciting holiday with your partner.   The November new moon falls in your house of career bringing new beginnings on the professional front.  If you’re dissatisfied with your working environment or planning to apply for a new job, seeds planted this month will bear fruit in the future.



Love and relationships are favoured in the first half of November, Pisces, with passionate Venus and Mars continuing their journey through your relationship sector.  Mars is a yang, masculine energy that pushes you to express yourself sexually and go after what you want, while Venus is a yin, feminine energy that attracts in a more subtle manner.  Some Pisceans will find new love, while others will see their current partner in a whole new light.  Jupiter, one of your ruling planets, is also in this same relationship sector and will be staying there until September next year. If you’re after a long term partner; want to get engaged or married; attract new business clients or set up a joint business venture, you have until September next year to make these things happen!   The new moon on the 12th in fellow water sign Scorpio falls in your house of travel, adventure and study offering you the chance of a new and exciting beginning in one of these areas.  Book your summer holiday, plan a road trip, join a new course or simply do something to spice up your daily life.  The Gemini full moon on the 26th straddles your professional and domestic sector helping you strike a productive balance between home and work life. 

August looks set to be a very exciting month for your Sagittarius. The month begins with no less than four planets (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and retrograde Venus) in your house of overseas travel, spirituality, publishing, philosophy and study all in the creative and dynamic fire sign Leo. Even better news is that these Leo planets are linked in with revolutionary Uranus in another fire sign, Aries, meaning that whatever you want to achieve this month in any of the above-mentioned areas, you’ll have the passion, desire and courage to take action. This month’s new moon on the 15th is also in Leo and as if that weren’t enough, action planet Mars moves into Leo on the 9th for a seven week visit. Perhaps you’ll be heading off on an exciting trip or combining travel, business and/or study in some way. Or maybe you’ll be going on retreat; expanding your horizons with a new study course or overseas jaunt; starting to write that book or simply contemplating the meaning of life. You could even decide to move overseas or start up an international business. The only word of warning is that Venus will be retrograde all month in a challenging angle to Saturn which could produce some obstacles or delays. The Pisces full moon on the 30th will highlight any imbalance between your work and home life. Mercury and your ruling planet Jupiter shift into your career sector in mid-August, meaning any seeds you’ve been planting over the past year will come to fruition making the period 2015-16 an extremely fortunate one for all things professional.

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