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Check the Power Moon Days column to find out when the Moon will be passing through your star sign this month.  You should feel particularly 'in tune' on these days and activities will proceed smoothly for you. 

And if you know which sign the Moon was in when you were born, note the 2-3 days each month when the Moon will be in that sign. This is your 'lunar return' and the natural energies of this period will resonate with your own personal energy.  For example, if you were born with the Moon in Libra, you should experience feelings of harmony, balance and creativity when the transiting Moon is in Libra.

Serious moon watchers might like to purchase a Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store.  These calendars list the exact time of day when the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next and help you organise your life using moon cycles and lunar planning to achieve optimum emotional and physical balance.

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MAY 2016


4th-6th &

With four planets - Sun, Venus, Mercury and the New Moon - in your house of earned income you'll be spending much of the month working out how you can bring in more money or how to manage the money you already have.  Perhaps you could raise your prices, ask for a pay rise, negotiate a new salary package or sell some of your possessions. The Taurus new moon in early April is an ideal time to reach out to friends and colleagues who may be able to assist you in all matters financial. Ruling planet Mars continues his retrograde journey throughout the month meaning you'll need patience to bring projects to completion and there could be delays and setbacks.  With both Mars and Mercury retrograde, this is not a month to launch new ventures, instead focus on tying up loose ends.  May is also a good time to complete study projects, visit a financial planner or plan a holiday for later in the year. As always with Mercury retrograde, pay particular attention when driving, signing contracts, negotiating agreements and in all types of personal and business communication.



Happy birthday Taurus! With the Sun, New Moon, Mercury and ruling planet Venus all in Taurus this month you simply can't go wrong!  The Taurus new moon on the 7th May forms a special triangle with Jupiter (abundance and luck) and Pluto (success and wealth), showering you with good fortune, not only this month but for months to come. May is a great time to take a holiday, conceive a child, update your wardrobe/hair style or simply splash out and have some fun.  And with Venus in your sign, you should feel especially attractive and charismatic, so if you're looking for love or want to improve your current relationship, start making things happen now! Communication planet Mercury will be moving backwards and forwards through Taurus until the middle of June helping you revise and readjust any project you're involved in. As always with Mercury retrograde, pay particular attention when driving, signing contracts, negotiating agreements and in all types of personal and business communication. Slow down, be patient and double check everything.



Mars the warrior planet has been in your partnership sector since early March and because he's travelling backwards this year, relationships, both personal and business, are a major focus. Indeed committed relationships have  been a major focus since Saturn lord of karma entered your marriage and partnership sector in late 2014. Saturn will not only have highlighted any relationship problems, but also prompted you to deepen and strengthen your most important relationships (or indeed leave them behind). If you find yourself embroiled in arguments or conflict with your nearest and dearest in May, know that it's better to clear the air and express feelings, even if this is uncomfortable. Mars retrograde can bring up hidden resentment but also has the potential to strengthen relationships, once the truth is out. Ruling planet Mercury is also retrograde this month in your house of secrets, so don't be surprised if there are a few surprising epiphanies! As always with Mercury retrograde, pay particular attention when driving, signing contracts, negotiating agreements and in all types of personal and business communication.



With Mars retrograde over the next couple of months and Mercury retrograde this month, make a commitment to sort out paperwork and tackle any outstanding chores. Progress may be slow, but you will triumph in the end. Cancerians in general are loyal and sentimental about personal attachments.  This is all well and good as long as there’s true give and take in your friendships and relationships. You could be saying goodbye to old friends this month to make way for new ones - don’t be afraid to leave the past behind.  Health continues to be a major preoccupation with karmic Saturn in your health sector since late 2014, prompting you to clean up your life and take care of any chronic health problems.  Or maybe you’ve been using this disciplined and focused energy to train as a healer or health practitioner? Last month Mars joined Saturn in your health sector offering extra incentive to get your health and wellbeing back on track or focus on helping and healing others.



Work is a major highlight this month Leo with three planets plus the new moon in your career sector.  A new moon always signifies new beginnings or a fresh start, so if you’ve been thinking of applying for a new job, a promotion, starting a new business or taking some other initiative in your working life, May is the month to take action. With lucky Jupiter in your money house until September in a favourable angle with Pluto, lord of power and wealth, it looks as though your finances could take a turn for the better too!  The May full moon on the 22nd straddles your creativity/friendship axis asking you to strike a balance between pursuing your own interests and spending time with friends. This full moon is also favourable for romance and childbirth, so you could fall pregnant, meet a new love interest or declare your feelings to someone you love.  And with Mars retrograde throughout the month, if you’re keen on someone, but matters are moving slowly or in the wrong direction, keep your cool and know that things will work out eventually.



This month Virgo three areas of your solar chart are particularly highlighted.  The most important of these is your solar ninth house, which symbolises overseas travel, study, expansion of the mind, foreign languages, people and cultures. In this house you have three planets –the Sun, Mercury, Venus plus the new moon. Now new moons always signify new beginnings, so if you’re thinking of travelling overseas, publishing a book or blog, going back to study or broadening your horizons in some other way, May is an ideal time to take action. The second area of life that is highlighted is your domestic and family life. Unfortunately the energy here is less exciting and you could experience some frustration and delays, due to the presence of retrograde Saturn and Mars. If there’s any conflict brewing on the home front, it’s sure to be revealed this month. Alternatively you may need to take time out to care for a family member. The third area of life to focus on this month is relationships, both business and personal.  Spend time with your nearest and dearest and be sure to listen to their side of the story.



May looks set to be an important month for financial talks and decisions.  Take a careful look at your finances to see if your investments and superannuation are performing as well as you had hoped and if you don't like what you see, consider taking professional advice. With three planets plus the May new moon lighting your house of other peoples' money, you may also be focused on news concerning a bonus, inheritance or commission, or you may be putting in an application for a loan, mortgage or insurance payout. Meanwhile Mars and Saturn are cruising backwards and forwards through your solar third house with feisty Mars settled in for a five month stay to the end of August due to his retrograde motion.  This planetary pair is known for causing slowdowns, frustration and sense of imploding anger.  In astrology the third solar house rules neighbours, cousins, siblings, commerce, short journeys and exchange of information.  With this in mind, beware of getting involved in arguments or standoffs just because you (or the other person) think you know best!



Close, committed partnerships, both business and personal are the main theme for May, Scorpio with the Sun, Mercury, Venus AND the new moon all gracing your solar seventh house. New moons always signify new beginnings, so you could meet someone special this month or decide to take your relationship to the next level by getting engaged, married, starting a family or buying a house.  On the business front, you might take on a new partner or meet a new client. Whatever your situation, you can expect some unexpected or unforeseen development involving a significant other that has the potential to change your life.  Meanwhile Mars and Saturn are moving back and forth in your money house helping you understand your true values but also forcing you to cool your heels, which you may not appreciate! Avoid over-extending yourself financially, be patient with those who owe you money and keep your commitments to others.  Any underlying issues will come to a head by the full moon on the 22nd.




An interesting month Sagittarius with some planetary energies working in your favour while others are seemingly out to thwart you.  Firstly you have three planets (Sun, retrograde Mercury and Venus) plus the new moon in your health and daily work sector pushing you to clear up unfinished paperwork and chores and get your health, body, garden and home in order. Avoid starting new projects over the next couple of months – with five planets retrograde, progress will be either slow or non-existent.  Instead get plenty of sleep, rest up, meditate and spend time reflecting on the past.  Secondly you’re dealing with retrograde Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius helping you examine your life at a deep level then offering you the courage and insight to embrace profound and far-reaching change.  We’re not just talking about surface or cosmetic changes, these are major life shifts. There’s bound to be a degree of frustration in bringing about these changes, especially between now and the end of June but you will get there eventually, so put your head down, draw up a plan, be flexible and take things one day at a time.  Enjoy the Sagittarius full moon on the 22nd!



Good news Capricorn - there’s a stellar planetary alignment in Taurus this month in your house of pleasure, romance and creativit providing lots of possibilities for fun, travel, and reconnecting with friends from the past. The emphasis will be on love, children, pregnancy, leisure, fun, and creative expression, so make the most of these favourable planetary energies. In fact, don't expect to get much work done!  With five planets retrograde, including  ruling planet Saturn, the emphasis is on finishing up what you've started or simply looking back at the past in order to lay things to rest.  As a person of ambition, this type of thinking is contrary to your nature, but pushing forward will not be the best use of your time this month. Try to be flexible and open to change as with Mars and Saturn in your house of unconscious motivations, there could be hidden reasons for your actions that you may not be aware of.  If you feel confused, disempowered or irritable, take time to write down your feelings or meditate to get in touch with your inner world.


1st-2nd &

A stellar planetary line-up plus a new moon in your domestic sector means if you've been meaning to make changes to your home, May is the perfect time to take action. And if you need to borrow money for a mortgage, refinancing plan or for home improvements, approach your bank manager and you should be in luck. However, whatever you have planned for May is likely to encounter some obstacles with no less than five planets in retrograde motion. You might put in an offer on a house, for example, but then need to adjust it later. The advice is to avoid signing contracts or putting plans into action until after the 22nd May when Mercury, the planet ruling commerce and negotiations goes direct.   With Mars and Saturn travelling backwards and forwards in your friendship and networking sector until late September you’ll also be taking a long, hard look at who you’re spending your time with. This is especially true around the May full moon on the 22nd. Friends who are past their use by date may be discarded; ditto for any groups you belong to that are no longer providing sustenance, enjoyment or satisfaction. Or you may be on the receiving end of ‘rejection’ as others move on to greener pastures. Don’t worry about losing people from your life, new and more nourishing connections will soon come your way.



2nd-4th &

Throughout May, the part of you that wants to achieve something concrete will be challenged by the part of you that wants more excitement and freedom in your life. The best advice is to proceed firmly with a clear plan of where you want to go, but be prepared for unexpected setbacks. These obstacles may come from within, whereby you suddenly lose interest in a project that had previously seemed very important; or alternatively, you may find people around you chopping and changing their plans, forcing you to change yours. Another possible scenario is that you know you should be working hard, but you want to cut loose and ignore your responsibilities. Try to maintain a sense of perspective and avoid getting angry or irritated when things don’t turn out as you had hoped. Look after your health and don’t push forward too quickly. This is a month of adjustment and re-adjustment and who knows, by the end of it, you may find yourself on a completely new path.  Meanwhile, Mars and Saturn are moving backwards and forwards in your career sector pushing you to take a long term approach to career matters. If you’re planning a career change, it’s probably better to do your research between now and the end of July and then make your move in August.