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Chinese New Year - The Green Horse

The Chinese Year of the Green Horse begins on the 31st January at the Aquarian new moon.  What does this mean for you?Read more


Sacred Earth Energies - Rebirthing the Winged Serpent

Today the lines of the winged serpent run unmarked across the world, their paths forgotten, the spirit they bear disregarded. Yet every year more people are drawn to visit ancient sites, centres of an invisible pattern woven across the world in some distant age.Read more


Zodiac Seduction

Even if you're a complete sceptic, everyone needs a little help when it comes to love, romance and the rest!  

Find out exactly how to attract and enchant that special someone using the art of astrology...Read more


Stop Press ... No More 3RRR

I’m sad to say that after a wonderful seven-year stint, my astrology talkback segment on radio 3RRR is no longer. The program presenter of Wax Lyrical has decided to wind up my segment to focus on other issues and guests.Read more


Check the Power Moon Days column to find out when the Moon will be passing through your star sign this month.  You should feel particularly 'in tune' on these days and activities will proceed smoothly for you.

And if you know which sign the Moon was in when you were born, note the 2-3 days each month when the Moon will be in that sign. This is your 'lunar return' and the natural energies of this period will resonate with your own personal energy.  For example, if you were born with the Moon in Libra, you should experience feelings of harmony, balance and creativity when the transiting Moon is in Libra.

Serious moon watchers might like to purchase a Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store.  These calendars list the exact time of day when the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next and help you organise your life using moon cycles and lunar planning to achieve optimum emotional and physical balance.  

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Relationships are particularly important this month, with a lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th at the full moon. This eclipse will wipe the slate clean and offer you the chance to make a complete new beginning in your relationship life. The message is to maintain a sense of self without being selfish, while experiencing the joys of being in relationship without sacrificing the self. With transformational Pluto in the mix, this is sure to be a powerful time, especially for those born around 6th-10th April – a couple of days either side of the eclipse. And as if that weren’t enough, communication planet Mercury will be travelling backwards through your relationship sector for most of October. In practical terms this means you could connect with partners or close friends from the past or simply gain greater understanding about your own relationship needs.



Lucky Jupiter continues his year-long journey through your home sector making mid-2014 to mid-2015 an excellent time to buy or renovate property or spend quality time with close family members. In contrast, the solar eclipse at the Scorpio new moon on the 24th puts the highlight on personal and business relationships. During a solar eclipse, emotions and feelings tend to suddenly rise to the surface blocking out the more logical and rational part of consciousness. This can be an enlightening, exciting or disturbing experience, but whatever is revealed is always necessary for growth and the higher good. Solar eclipses begin new chapters in our lives and their effects are usually felt for at least the next six months.



Passionate and dynamic Mars continues his six week journey through your relationship sector. The question is will Mars bring fireworks or arguments? If your life is relatively balanced, Mars could well bring a new relationship into your life during this period (mid-September to late October) or inject passion into existing relationships, both business and personal. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing Mars via ‘projection’, you could find things exploding all around you. Mars teaches us to express our needs and desires in a healthy and open manner and this is what you’re learning at the moment. And with ruling planet Mercury retrograde for most of October, you’re sure to find answers to previously insoluble problems, even if they don’t arrive in the form you expect!



Home and work life are both important this month Cancer with a full moon eclipse on the 8th pushing you to find a balance between your public and private life. If you’ve been neglecting one of these areas, matters will surely come to a head with Mercury retrograde revealing the true state of affairs. Meanwhile, dynamic Mars continues to travel through your health sector pushing you to improve your diet, get fit for spring and complete all those little jobs on the ‘to do’ list. And finally, as mentioned last month, you continue to enjoy the blessings of lucky planet Jupiter travelling through your money house. If you feel tempted to spend money on something that will add value to your life, go right ahead!
Leo 16th-19th With lucky Jupiter, the greater benefic, in Leo since mid-July, you should be enjoying a period of joyful growth and expansion with opportunities coming left, right and centre. Jupiter will be in Leo until mid-2015, so make the most of this chance to pursue long term dreams with fate firmly on your side. Meanwhile, action planet Mars continues his journey through fellow fire sign Sagittarius favouring romance, fun and creativity right through October. If you’ve been thinking of moving home or even moving country, the solar eclipse in your home and family sector on the 24th will point you in the right direction. The advice with this eclipse is to follow your heart, not your head. Solar eclipses begin new chapters in our lives and their effects are usually felt for at least the next six months.


Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th October and will travel backwards through the zodiac until the 26th. As Mercury is your ruling planet, you will feel its effects more than most. With Mercury acting as messenger between the unconscious and conscious mind, think of the Mercury retrograde transit as a three week opportunity to get your life back on track and regain integrity and truth. Pay particular attention to gut feelings, hunches and pieces of information that randomly come your way. Avoid starting new projects; instead focus on completing or revising existing ones and if things do go wrong, ask yourself:  “What is the hidden message behind this event?”



Happy birthday to all Librans!  In general, the October planetary energies are in your favour with bountiful Jupiter in Leo bringing wonderful social occasions, good times with friends and favourable networking opportunities. Alongside Jupiter we have dynamic Mars in Sagittarius prompting you to take a short break or simply enjoy what the local neighbourhood has to offer. The fly in the ointment is Mercury, the communication planet, which this month travels backwards through Libra bringing the potential for unexpected delays and maybe a tad of frustration. Fortunately Mercury is only retrograde for three weeks (from the 5th-26th), so cool your heels and wait for things to get back on track. Avoid starting new projects; instead focus on completing or revising existing ones.



October is a month of uncovering secrets and discovering new directions. With communication planet Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio in early October, you have the opportunity to see matters in a completely new light. And if you’ve been searching for that missing piece, October could well provide the answers along with renewed clarity and truth.  On the 24th there is a solar eclipse at the Scorpio new moon launching a new chapter in your life and helping you get in touch with your deeper feelings. Make plans for the future, but be sure to follow your heart rather than your head. Meditation, journal writing and even seeing a counsellor could help you plot your future direction.


1st &

With dynamic Mars in Sagittarius until the end of October, you can look forward to another exciting and action packed month. Mars only visits your section of the zodiac every two years, so seize this opportunity to move ahead confidently with long term planning as your intuition and ability to take effective action are particularly strong. The only word of warning is that communication planet Mercury will be retrograde from the 5th-26th October which could bring unanticipated delays or unexpected news. On the 24th October there is a solar eclipse in your house of secrets and unconscious matters which will temporarily block out conscious awareness, bringing deeper feelings to the surface. The advice is to follow your heart not your head.


1st-3rd &

With a lunar eclipse straddling your professional and domestic sectors in early October at the full moon, work-life balance are key concepts this month. If you’re unhappy at either work or home, October is the time to tackle the situation and make any necessary changes. Being a hard-working and dutiful earth sign, it’s probably more likely that you need to slow down and rest, rather than work harder, so don’t be afraid to take time out to recharge the batteries. Mercury retrograde will help open the communication channels to your higher mind and unconscious, providing interesting insights and fresh ways of considering existing problems and situations. And with lucky Jupiter in your investment sector, a trip to the financial planner or accountant could prove fruitful.



3rd-5th &

New moons are all about new beginnings and this month’s new moon is in your career and workplace sector on the 24th accompanied by a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses usher in new chapters in our lives and their effects are usually felt for at least the next six months. If you’ve been thinking about changing jobs, applying for a promotion or asking for a salary increase, don’t be afraid to step out and put forward your request. October is also a great time for networking with workmates and colleagues, but make sure you only confide in people whom you instinctively know are trustworthy. Meanwhile, lucky Jupiter continues his year long journey through your relationship sector bringing good fortune and new opportunities for love to blossom.



You could be tempted to head off to pastures new this month Pisces, with a solar eclipse in your travel sector on the 24th. Solar eclipses open new chapters in your life, so if you’ve been dreaming about an overseas or interstate trip, start making plans now. This eclipse is also favourable for those planning a return to study or a spiritual retreat. Meanwhile dynamic Mars continues his six week journey through your work sector providing the impetus to make changes in your work life. Mercury retrograde will help open the communication channels to your higher mind and unconscious, providing interesting insights and fresh ways of considering existing problems and situations.  


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The Sacred Number Three - Secret of Creation

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