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Chinese New Year - The Green Sheep

The Chinese Year of the Green Sheep begins on the 19th February at the late Aquarius new moon.  What does this mean for you?Read more


Sacred Earth Energies - Rebirthing the Winged Serpent

Today the lines of the winged serpent run unmarked across the world, their paths forgotten, the spirit they bear disregarded. Yet every year more people are drawn to visit ancient sites, centres of an invisible pattern woven across the world in some distant age.Read more


Zodiac Seduction

Even if you're a complete sceptic, everyone needs a little help when it comes to love, romance and the rest!  

Find out exactly how to attract and enchant that special someone using the art of astrology...Read more


Stop Press ... No More 3RRR

I’m sad to say that after a wonderful seven-year stint, my astrology talkback segment on radio 3RRR is no longer. The program presenter of Wax Lyrical has decided to wind up my segment to focus on other issues and guests.Read more


Check the Power Moon Days column to find out when the Moon will be passing through your star sign this month.  You should feel particularly 'in tune' on these days and activities will proceed smoothly for you.

And if you know which sign the Moon was in when you were born, note the 2-3 days each month when the Moon will be in that sign. This is your 'lunar return' and the natural energies of this period will resonate with your own personal energy.  For example, if you were born with the Moon in Libra, you should experience feelings of harmony, balance and creativity when the transiting Moon is in Libra.

Serious moon watchers might like to purchase a Moon Calendar from the Stella Starwoman Store.  These calendars list the exact time of day when the moon moves from one zodiac sign to the next and help you organise your life using moon cycles and lunar planning to achieve optimum emotional and physical balance.  

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JULY 2015



Creativity, love and romance are the themes for July with love goddess Venus and lucky Jupiter travelling side by side through fellow fire sign Leo until the 19th July. Venus and Jupiter are known in ancient astrological texts as ‘the benefics’, meaning they bring luck and good fortune – in your case in the most fun and pleasurable areas of life. The Venus-Jupiter combo is particularly favourable for conceiving a child; working on artistic and creative projects;  falling in love; getting engaged or married; having fun with your friends and children and the list goes on!  However, Venus-Jupiter in this part of your birth chart can also make you want to gamble or over-indulge, so set some limits before you paint the town red! Meanwhile action-planet Mars and the Sun will be in your home and domestic sector for the first three weeks of July, helping you tackle jobs round the home with energy and vigour. If you’re thinking of moving house or buying property, wait until after the new moon on the 16th and finally avoid fights with family members by considering their point of view.



The vibrant and life-giving Sun, fiery action planet Mars, communication planet Mercury and the Cancer new moon all travel through your communication and ideas sector in the first three weeks of July, producing a flurry of mental activity. Marketing, brainstorming, networking, gossiping, selling - it doesn't matter what you do, but make sure you get out and about in your local neighbourhood and strut your stuff!  The Capricorn full moon on the 2nd lights up your travel, study and philosophy sector. Perhaps you'll be heading off on an exciting trip (or planning one) or maybe you'll buy some new books or enrol in a new course to broaden your horizons. And on the domestic front, life should be smooth and enjoyable with lucky planets Venus and Jupiter bringing peace, prosperity and good fortune. Invite friends and family round for dinner and share the love!



Finances are at the forefront of your mind this month, Gemini with the Sun cruising through your money house for practically the whole of July, plus there's a new moon in that same money house on the 16th. Focus on paying down debt, clearing bills and sorting out your taxes and insurance. July is also a great time to check your super account, or start planning your financial future if you haven't already done so. If you are negotiating a settlement of some sort, whether in court, through a lawyer or with a soon-to-be-ex, the full moon on 2nd July should help you finalise your agreement. In mid-August, lucky Jupiter will move into your home and family sector for a year-long visit, so why not start planning now? Build that new garden bed, give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint or even put down a deposit on your dream home. Jupiter in Virgo will also help you build stronger links with close family members. Finally, last month's new moon in Gemini offered you a boost of energy and confidence to start new projects and take some calculated risks. You may find yourself wanting to spend time with different types of people as your values and goals start to change.



Happy birthday Cancer – here’s to a wonderful year ahead!  July is an action packed month for you with the high energy Mars-Sun combo in Cancer, joined by Mercury on the 9th and the new moon on the 16th. Although it’s the middle of winter, you’d be well advised to roll up your sleeves and start tackling any difficult or challenging projects in the first three weeks of July with the universe firmly on your side. Seriously, you can rise to any occasion right now and move mountains, so don’t waste the opportunity. Meanwhile, lucky planets Jupiter and Venus continue their journey through your money house, joined by the moon in Leo from the 17th-19th July. Jupiter and Venus are known as ‘benefics’ meaning they bring good fortune and favourable opportunities. However they can also promote excess and indulgence, so put a cap on your spending, otherwise you may regret your impulsiveness down the track.  Jupiter-Venus is also a great combination for happiness and joy in love and personal relationships.
Leo 17th-19th July looks set to be another great month with lucky planets Venus and Jupiter travelling alongside each other in Leo until the 19th and then it’s not long until your birthday! As you know, Jupiter has been in Leo since July last year, making 2014-15 a period of good fortune, growth and new opportunity. Jupiter will move into your money house in mid-August helping boost your income and increase your sense of self-esteem. This month the advice is similar to the June forecast – reach out to others and ask for what you need - they will be impressed by your self-confidence, air of competence and invincibility. You should look and feel especially optimistic, charismatic and powerful, so if you’ve been planning to buy new clothes or get a new hairstyle, the choices you make this month are sure to turn out well. The only word of warning for July is that you have three planets and the new moon in the part of your chart related to hidden and unconscious matters. One of these planets is Mars, god of war, which means that any unexpressed or hidden anger could unexpectedly rise to the surface. If you feel irritable without understanding why or find yourself involved in conflict, take some time out to reflect on what’s really going on and the message and path forward will become clear.


July is a month for tying up loose ends Virgo in preparation for the favourable times ahead. In the middle of next month, Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system and known to ancient astrologers as ‘the great benefic’, will shift into Virgo for a year-long stay bringing luck and good fortune, opportunities for growth and a feeling that all things are possible to those born under the sign of the Maiden. With this in mind, you’d be well advised to meditate and reflect on exactly what you would like to achieve over the next 12 months. You’ll definitely need to involve others in your goals and plans and with the Sun, Mars, Mercury and the July new moon all travelling through your social and networking sector this month, seize the opportunity to get in touch with anyone whom you think could be helpful and start sharing your dreams and goals with others. Another tip is to write down your plans for 2015-2016. Your ruling planet is Mercury the Messenger, god of communication between the conscious and unconscious realms and he will be able to help you clarify exactly what you want. Finally, the Capricorn full moon on the 2nd lights up your romance and pleasure sector, meaning if you’d like to find a new partner or add spice and romance to an existing relationship, the universe is firmly on your side.



The Capricorn full moon on the 2nd will highlight any imbalance between your work and home life. There is a strong pull throughout July to focus on career, so make sure everything is running smoothly at home – fridges stocked, clean clothes, tidy house, children doing homework and all those sorts of things. You have three planets, Mars, the Sun and Mercury, in your career sector this month, joined by the new moon in Cancer on the 16th July. This new moon should open up some interesting professional opportunities where you seem to be in the right place at the right time. Investigate any and all career offers, and put the feelers out. You could be taking on new responsibilities at work, possibly through promotion or an attractive job offer and if you have your own business, there's the chance of publicity, new opportunities or some kind of critical acclaim for your work. Lucky planets Venus and Jupiter continue their journey through your friendship and networking sector bringing new friends; new social activities and new opportunities to meet people who can help you achieve your goals and broaden your horizons. In all this whirlwind of social and career activity, make sure you don’t neglect your partner!



July promises to be a fortunate month for you Scorpio with lucky planets Venus and Jupiter continuing their journey through your career sector. Venus and Jupiter were known to ancient astrologers as ‘the benefics’ or bringers of good fortune. With this in mind it’s time to set your sights high on the career front and apply for a promotion or pay rise or even consider a career change. Colleagues and superiors will appreciate your talents and abilities and want to help you succeed. Meanwhile, the Sun, Mars and Mercury plus the Cancer new moon on the 16th are all lighting up your house of study, long distance travel and philosophy. Consider booking a weekend away, going on retreat; expanding your horizons with a new study course or overseas trip; starting to write that book or simply contemplating the meaning of life. With this much action going on, you may even think of moving overseas or starting up an international company. Finally, Saturn has dipped back into Scorpio and will be there until September, helping you deal with any unfinished business and clearing the decks for the year ahead.


1st & 26th-29th

July is a pivotal month for you Sagittarius. Ruling planet Jupiter will be moving into your career sector in August, meaning the seeds you’ve been planting over the past year will come to fruition making the period 2015-16 an extremely fortunate one. Jupiter is currently travelling alongside Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and pleasure in your house of overseas travel, study and philosophy. Perhaps you’ll be heading off on an exciting trip this month or combining travel, business and/or study in some way. But as we all know, these kinds of activity require money and money is the other theme for July. With the July new and full moons straddling your house of earned income and investment accompanied by the Sun, Mars and Mercury, you’ll be pushed to deal with all matters financial, even if that’s not your usual preference - mortgages; credit card debt; investments; pension; inheritances; joint ventures, earnings – the whole kit and caboodle!  Do you have enough money? Do you need more? How are you going to balance your finances and achieve your goals? Money in its true form is a symbol for energy, so when we talk about balancing our finances, we’re really talking about the delicate balance between energy out and energy in. With this metaphysical approach in mind, you may like to consider how you could increase your physical energy by getting more rest, eating well, taking care of your body, doing the things you love and looking after your own needs first.


1st-3rd & 29th-31st

The recent eclipse cycle in Aries-Libra has forced us all to examine our relationships, the way we treat others and our expectations of others. We are now being asked to consider all situations from the other’s point of view and to speak with mindfulness and courtesy. And this advice applies especially to you Capricorn as this month’s new moon on the 16th is in your partnership sector, making July a great time to commit to someone you care about or simply to commit to acting with integrity in your relationships  With Mars, Mercury and the Sun also cruising through your partnership sector, you have the opportunity to meet new people (including possible business and romantic partners); push forward successfully with joint ventures; resolve relationship issues with former partners plus impress others with your competence and expertise. One word of warning - Mars in this area of your chart can bring conflict if others challenge the course of action you are taking. If this happens to you, take a deep breath and look at what you have to learn from the encounter. And finally – don’t miss the powerful full moon in Capricorn on the 2nd July which promises to not only reveal your deepest dreams and desires, but also any hidden fears! 



3rd-6th &

Love and relationships is the theme for the first three weeks of July as Venus, goddess of beauty, pleasure and love continues her journey through your house of marriage and business partnerships. Venus is travelling alongside lucky planet Jupiter increasing your charm and charisma and bringing many favourable opportunities, including the chance to meet someone special. You may even decide to get married or move in with your partner. Self-employed Aquarians - those who run businesses or who freelance or contract - will easily attract new customers and extra business from existing clients, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there in the world, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Meanwhile, Mars, the Sun, Mercury and New Moon will be gracing your house of daily work and activity, bringing a spurt of energy combined with possible conflict in the workplace. Work out what is really important to you and if necessary look at changing your job or talking to your boss. Stand up for yourself and your rights, but don't forget to look at things from others' perspective too. You may also find yourself taking up a new diet and fitness plan, booking a massage or looking after your health in some other way.



Creativity goes into overdrive this month with four planets (Sun, Mars, Mercury and the New Moon) in your house of children, pleasure, fun and creativity. July is the perfect time to conceive a child, spend time with children, create something special or discover your inner child. And when was the last time you really had fun?  Meanwhile Venus and Jupiter are lighting up your house of health and daily activity. Now is the time to focus on health and beauty – going for a massage, joining a yoga or fitness class, updating your wardrobe or booking in for a health check. In mid-August, Jupiter, considered by ancient astrologers to be your ruling planet, will be shifting into your house of committed relationship and business partnership for a year-long stay. If you want to find a long term partner; get engaged or married; attract new business clients or set up a joint business venture, you’ll have a full twelve months to make these things happen. Start focusing on your dreams and goals now, so you can hit the ground running in August.

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